Tuesday, January 24, 2006

So ends Phase I of the History of Fermat's Last Theorem

With yesterday's posting, I have completed Phase I of the history of Fermat's Last Theorem.

The original goal of this blog was to divide up the history into three phases:

Phase I: Early Achievements

Phase II: Kummer's Achievement

Phase III: Wile's Achievement

As part of the first phase, I have done blogs on the following mathematicians:
It was very fun to revisit the early proofs and I was very surprised at the response that I received. To date, this blog has been growing by 10-20% each month since April of last year. This month, this blog will have over 2500 unique visitors.

Thanks to everyone who has provided questions and comments on the different parts of each proof. Please continue to point out areas which are unclear or details which can be improved.

Thanks to everyone for your support. I am very glad (and surprised) to see that there is a growing audience for number theory and for a blog that is not much more than the details behind famous mathematical proofs.



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